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If you're on Windows 7 or Windows Vista, click Defragment your hard drive just below the Administrative Tools heading to open Disk Defragmenter. Windows 10 and Windows 8 users should launch the program called Defragment and Optimize Drives .

This MSDN forum post seems to suggest that, at least on Windows 8, defragmenting an SSD drive will just cause the TRIM command to be sent to the drive, but there's no word on what actually happens if you try to defrag an SSD drive on Windows 7 (aside from the fact that it shouldn't happen automatically). How to Defragment Hard Drive on Windows 10/8/7/XP – Defrag ... However, disk fragment isn’t just a pain for XP users but also for higher version users. Down the line it is also one of the reasons for your system to run slow. How to Optimize and Defragment Hard Disk Drive in Windows 10 Performing Defragment Hard Disk Drive in Windows 10 sometimes becomes deadly necessary to make a computer run fluently as well as to boot up faster. How to Optimize and Defragment Hard Drive in Windows 10 In case, you prefer the traditional route, you can Defragment Hard Drive in Windows 10 using the Control Panel. 1. Open the Control Panel on your Windows Computer.

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Repair and defragment hard disks | Windows 7, Windows… System errors can occur if hard disks contain damaged sectors or fragmented files. Repair and defragment hard disks, either by using the Error-checking tool and Disk Defragmenter utility included with Windows or by using a third-party disk utility (for example, Symantec Norton Utilities). How to Defragment Hard Drive on Windows 10/8/7/XP - … Defragment Hard Drive in windows 10,8,7 and XP.Windows 8 & 7 require a proper scheduling and rest is assured. But when it comes to lower versions, it calls forth alarming attention. There are a few steps that you can perform on your Windows PC to defrag hard drive on your computer. How to Defragment Your Hard Drive in Windows 10 Over time, files on your hard drive get fragmented, and your desktop or laptop slows down because it has to check multiple places on your drive for those pieces.However, Windows does defragment SSDs once a month if necessary and if you have System Restore enabled. How to defrag a hard drive in Windows 10 - Tech Advisor

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